Nov 24

October Surrogacy Network Evening

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WOW!! WHAT A SUCCESS -That is all I can say about our first network evening. laugh.gif
We had couples from Newmarket to Mississauga and in between. It was truly an emotional experience for me to meet with such strong and special people. Everyone clicked so quickly, sharing their stories and where they were on their fertility journey. Some participants were even going to the same doctors and shared contacts and information.
This is what sharing and networking is all about, but most important, sharing with PEOPLE who COMPLETELY understand where you are, they have walked and are still walking a mile in your shoes. A date has been set for our next meeting on Tuesday November 25, 2008. We will have a guest speaker come in to speak to us and then we will have our usual mingle and chat. I will keep you updated as to the topic and guest speaker SO mark your calendars and I look forward to seeing you there.
Incoming Surrogacy Cases. Incoming surrogacy cases are fairly unregulated, and some of the practices that have developed abroad within this ÔÇťindustryÔÇŁ are quite scary.
Many issues have arisen for children born of these arrangements. There are news stories of children being left stateless, parentless, or both in the destination countries. There are stories of intended parents being stranded in a foreign country because the local courts will not recognize their parentage of the child they created, this happens in the USA and in countries like the UK, read the uk points based system for immigration purposes. There are also grave concerns about the exploitation of impoverished women in destination countries being used as surrogates and egg donors.

Often U.S. citizens travel abroad for surrogates and fertility treatments because they think it will cost less. This is not always true, when you factor in the attorney fees the intended parents may have to pay to address the U.S. immigration status and citizenship of their child. The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) strongly warns any individual considering an international surrogacy or ART arrangement to consult with a U.S. attorney first, one who is experienced in these matters and practices immigration law. There are several attorneys in AAAA who focus on this unique area of law.

Anyone who has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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