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On Wednesday, I received a beautiful email from a special human being. I read it, I enjoyed it and I even forwarded it on to a couple of people who I thought might appreciate it but I never thanked the person who sent it to me…..Oh I meant to, but I thought I would get around to it later.

That evening I checked out my Facebook Account and that same special human being had taken the time to make a beautiful comment on my Home page. Her comment gave me joy, pleasure and made me feel so special. I meant to thank her for taking the time out of her day to think of me and validate me and make me feel good….but I would get round to it later.

That night or early the next morning, that special soul who had touched me so gently twice in one day, passed away in her sleep. Just hours before, I had had the opportunity to acknowledge her beautiful spirit, to thank her for making me feel so special and I let that opportunity silently slip away with her in the night. I never got to tell her how her two small acts of kindness had given me such joy. I should have…..but I didn’t.

That “I should have” thought has been sitting with me for a few hours now and it took me back to just last month when we bundled our family into the car and drove 12 hours in a snow storm to attend a family celebration.  Dawn (the name of this remarkable person) and her husband were celebrating their son’s bar mitzvah and they wanted as many friends and family to be with them to join and share in this joyous occasion. People from all over the world came together to help celebrate this auspicious day.  Those warm memories and happy times made me think to myself…”Man, I am so glad I did”.

 It’s those “I am so glad I did” thoughts that warm our heart, puff out our chest and put that pep in our step.

“I am so glad I did” doesn’t have to be a 12 hour drive in a snow storm, it can be that kiss on your 18 year olds head on your way to bed or putting that extra Tootsie Roll in your son’s lunch bag. It can be an email to a friend saying “hey, want to go for coffee” or an “I love you” to your spouse or partner as you pass him that dish to dry.

The only thing in life we ever regret are our regrets, the “I should haves” or “why didn’t I’s?”

We have to remember that it’s the little things in life that accumulate into the big things just like a million small molecules make up a heavenly body. If every day we had a whole bunch of “I am so glad I did” what an impact it would have on you, the people around you, the world, the universe.

Let’s remember to inspire, motivate, encourage and support someone every day by doing one small act of kindness, one sweet word, an encouraging thought or prayer. The action may be small but the magnitude immense.

Today, my friend, I wish you a whole bunch of “I am so glad I did”.

For those reading this today, always remember …You are powerful, you are important and you are an inspiration.



Dedicated in loving memory of Dawn Levin, you made the world a sweeter more compassionate place. Your spirit will be missed but you will live on with us forever.


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  1. Sam January 20th, 2011 9:09 pm

    Thank you for your inspirational words. Life is too short to have regrets.

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